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  1. Update on Cuba and Havana Chinese Cemetery

  2. NY Hakka Conference trip to Singapore, Malaysia and China

Paula Madison

An American journalist, writer, businessperson, executive and a former NBCUniversal executive. She is now CEO of a family investment group based in Chicago. In May 20, 2011, she retired from NBC after more than 35 years in the news media. She is currently the Chairman and CEO of Madison Media Management LLC, a Los Angeles based media consultancy company with global reach.

Madison grew up in Harlem with her brothers Elrick and Howard. Their mother, Nell Vera Lowe, was a Jamaican immigrant and single parent. Madison and her brothers founded Williams Holdings, a real estate investment firm and later bought a majority share of The Africa Channel. The company also bought the Los Angeles Sparks, which they sold in 2014 to Magic Johnson.

Madison was named one of the "75 Most Powerful African Americans in Corporate America" by Black Enterprise magazine in 2005 and in 2014 as one of the Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business. She is of African and Hakka descent. In 2015 she wrote the book Finding Samuel Lowe: China, Jamaica, Harlem about her grandfather's life and travels and her own visit to Guangdong. She began research for the book shortly after retiring from NBC.

In 2015, Madison was recognized by East West Players for her contributions to the Asian American community, in particular for her documentary Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem to China, which chronicled the journey she and her brothers went on to rediscover their estranged father's side of the family.


Dr. Bayer Lee

Pastor, First Chinese Baptist Church which was founded by Mabel Lee Ph.D and namesake of Mabel Lee Memorial Post Office, 6 Doyers Street, NYC Chinatown

Consulting Pastor of First Chinese Presbyterian Church in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the church building (Dutch Reform Church) located at Henry and Market Street, NYC Chinatown

Post-Doctoral Scholar: Elbenwood Center, Teachers College, Columbia University. Hakka and Taishan Ethnographic Studies.


  1. Hakka Studies

  2. NY Hakka Conference trip to Singapore, Malaysia and China

  3. Zheng He and the Exploration of the Americas in the time before Columbus.


Dr. Keith Lowe

Born in Jamaica, Dr. Keith Lowe is a Hakka researcher and educator. In the year 2000, he co-founded the quadrennial Toronto Hakka Conference at York University. He then co-founded the biennial New York Hakka Conference in 2013 at New York University. He also founded the annual forum on Chinese Immigration into the Caribbean Basin at Miami-Dade College in 2011.A graduate of Harvard, magna cum laude, he won the Ames Award for leadership and the Boylston Prize for elocution. He gained the PhD from Stanford in modern British and American literature, and then taught at Howard University and the University of California in San Diego. He gained the Higher Diploma in Education from the University of the West Indies, and then specialized in curriculum development at the London University Institute of Education. He worked as a high school teacher for two years in Ghana, where he became interested in Pan-Africanism. More …


  1. Hakka Studies

  2. Discovering Ms. Chin, Documentary screening and discussion

  3. NY Hakka Conference trip to Singapore, Malaysia and China

  4. Zheng He and the Exploration of the Americas in the time before Columbus.



  1. Update on Cuba and Havana Chinese Cemetery

  2. The Future of Chinatowns. Gentrification, upward mobility of Chinese,

Mitzi Espinosa Luis 吕美枝

Trained in library and archive science. As the descendant of a Chinese, Espinosa Luis is a member of the Chinese association Min Chih Tang 洪門 民治党 , member of the Ghee Kung Tong, Supreme Lodge of Chinese Freemasons of the World in San Francisco, USA and Sue Yuen Tong association, Cuba. She participates actively in the activities of the Chinese community in Cuba and the recovery of history and traditions. Currently works at the National Association Min Chih Tang.

Espinosa Luis’s publications include: