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Iron Road Film Screening


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Iron Road Film Screening

Trailer for Movie and Miniseries IRON ROAD, a love story set against the building of a continental railroad in 1881. Shot in Hengdian, China, and British Columbia, Canada. Writers Barry Pearson and Raymond Storey. Director David Wu. Starring Peter O'Toole, Sam Neill, Sun Li, Luke MacFarlane, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Kenneth Mitchell, Gau Yun Xiang.

This is the story of three lives in the turbulent era of railroad building in North America. Lured by the myth of "Gum San", the Gold Mountain where fortunes are made, desperate Chinese workers come by the thousands to do the back-breaking work of blasting through the mountains to lay tracks.


  • Betty Sun

  • Luke Macfarlane

  • Sam Neill

  • Tony Leung Ka Fai

  • Kenneth Mitchell


  • David Wu

DVD Release Date:

  • September 29, 2009

Run Time:

  • 181 minutes


  • I enjoyed this movie. Peter O'Toole and Sam Neill were excellent as always. I thought the young Asian actress who played the young Chinese boy just shone! I also enjoyed the first part of the movie depicting China at the turn of the century. I would have liked to have seen more of Sam Neill.

  • Sort of basic love story but accurate for the times.

  • An excellent movie. Regrettably it is not well known, but I highly recommend it.

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