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Copy of Extending Our Hakka Family

This conference aims to build upon traditional Hakka narratives from the heartland by including innovative ways of telling stories of Hakka family with diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural features gathered from places around the world, particularly that of the Afro/Caribbean and South America.  Having formally acquired the status of “perpetual outsiders,” new generations of Hakkas will seek to gather accounts of positive relationships with native hosts and even explore cooperative “ventures” with former less than friendly “Punti” people.  Thus, the conference will be held directly across the street from Tsung Tsin Association and the Hakka Associations which are outsiders in the predominantly Taishan (Punti) New York Chinatown.  Furthermore, the conference will address current issues and concerns about Hakka studies, with the goal to encourage former English speaking “Hakkaologists” to update their research and continue to contribute to the ongoing global Hakka identity formation.

NY Hakka Conf 2018 Count Down

2018 Workshops

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Tulous

  • Hakka Cooking

  • Transcontinental Railroad

  • One Belt, One Road

  • Confucius

  • Roots Searching


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